Based on 003, the limited edition 003.5 features several modifications and improvements based on the original design, such as the triangular sand-blasted texture added to the back board, and a slightly modified layout. Designed to recline on a shelf or against a wall, it can also be mounted (wall-mounting accessories not included). A set of prongs is supplied to add support and distance from the surface for added effect. The series' crafting and assembly were personally supervised by the designer.


Edition Size 100 labelled & numbered
Dimensions 30cm × 60cm × 3cm · 11.81" × 23.62" × 1.18" · Cable length: 2.5m · 8'
Color Pink / Green
Electric Specification 220-240V~50/60Hz · 110V~50Hz · 20W Bulb
Materials Acrylic Glass
Origin Designed and assembled in Israel


Light Objects

Naama Hofman creates "objects that hold light", in her own words, rather than mere lamps. This tricky definition is what instantly got us hooked on her work. From her Jaffa studio-at-home she crafted a series of nine light fixtures that produce something more than light – they turn it into an idea. Each object in the series carries a theme embodied in the interaction between material and lighting elements. For instance, 001, the first in the series, is an open metal loop completed by a LED-lit acrylic pipe; It's an object that can be positioned to create a large variety of almost graphic compositions.

According to Hofman, the two-dimensional aspect of her objects takes precedent over their three-dimensional properties, "I take pictures of almost everything I do. By observing the photos I can make better judgment of what I made."

Some pieces offer a minimalistic, near-zen experience; such is 005, made of an acrylic light tube held by clear pieces of glass, creating a strip of light which is almost the sole subject. Some other pieces are a result of collaborations, like 009, which is made of a circle of LED lights mounted on Tyvek sheets printed by textile designer Dikla Benari.

Some pieces are more about context, like the 003, which presents a homage to fluorescent bulbs in store signs and bus stops on the street. It's the series' simplest object in terms of construction, yet it is also the boldest one. On a typical Jaffa night, green lights emanate from one of the city's mosques, beautifully interacting with the night sky and aligning differently every day. Thus, 003 demonstrates the subjective and contextual appearance of light; the result is an almost neutral object that can play with its surroundings wherever it's placed.

Naama Hofman is currently working on further collaborations and exhibitions in Israel and around the world. We are proud to exclusively showcase 003.5, a specially crafted version of her iconic work. Click here to learn more about the project.